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Feb 08 2007

Recommended Reading

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A Good Study Bible, No Better Place to Start.
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Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law
by: J. Budziszewski

Revenge of Conscience: Politics & Fall of Man
by: J. Budziszewski

Arminian Theology: Myths & Realities
by: Roger E. Olson

The Believers Conditional Security by: Dan Corner

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs by: David Bercot

Life in the Son by: Robert Shank

The Kingdom of the Cults by: Walter Ralston Martin

Christian Apologetics by: Norman Geisler

Unshakable Foundations by: Norman Geisler

Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
by: Norman Geisler

The Knowledge of the Holy by: A.W. Tozer

The Pursuit of God by: A.W. Tozer

The Four Loves by: C.S. Lewis

The Weight of Glory by: C.S. Lewis

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