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Feb 13 2007

Inerrancy of Scripture

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The inerrancy of biblical scripture is a varied and vast subject.  From the compilation of thousands of ancient texts, which are used for cross reference, to the historical accuracy of recorded dates and events, as well as the fulfillment of scores of prophecies throughout the Old & New Testament, numerous individuals have spent much of their lives researching and documenting these facts and figures. 

Due to the nature of this daunting task, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or unnecessarily expound on topics that have already been adequately documented, we would like to provide you with some links to a few sites that have already accomplished some outstanding work in this area. 

This does not mean that we necessarily agree, or disagree, with everything that may be posted on these sites. But in our research, they do appear to provide the reader with sufficient information and resources so as to make a more educated decision on the validity of the biblical text. 

The links are as follows: 

Authenticity of the Bible 

About Bible Prophecy 


Check Biblical Accuracy 

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