Sep 07 2013

Suffer Me

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Why does the Holy Spirit suffer me? Why does He nurture, protect, guard, and forgive this foolish man? What manner of grief have I spared Him that would elicit the extension of His mercy and grace? And why would He continue to train and teach such an unwilling participant?

Why does the Son suffer me? How often have I taken for granted the blood that has cleansed, or the price that was paid for my pardon? How much intercession has been made on my behalf that I might be called a son of the Living God?

Why does the Father suffer me? Have I not wrestled with my Father on every single decision He has made regarding this wretched man? When have I not sought my own way? How often have I yielded without resistance to His authority?

For, it is the constant, firm, and loving pressure from the Lord that breaks, and shapes, and forms us into the image of His Son. As water carries a mountain into the sea, so does the Lord wear away at the hardness of one’s heart. And as the sword is created and refined through heat, and fire, and bending, so must we be likewise. (Hebrews 12:1-12)

Michael Freeman

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