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Nov 23 2007

A Walk in the Woods

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Two men were walking through the woods together, both of them were Christians.

The first was a younger man. He had only been saved a short time and was full of Fire, Energy and Enthusiasm.

The second was quite a bit older. He had walked with the Lord for many years, and in his eyes you could see Wisdom, Discernment and a Peaceable Spirit.

As they walked through the forest, they spoke at length concerning the things of God, Theological Issues, Biblical Passages, and the life they shared in Jesus Christ.

At one point in their discussion, and his zeal, the younger man finally spoke up and said, “Do you know I really want? What I Really Want is to know God the way you know God.”

The old man did not answer him and they continued their walk together.

And after a short time their path came down to the bank of stream. It appeared that the stream was not too wide and only about waist deep.

At this point, the older man spoke to the younger and said, “Let’s cross over here son, I want to show you something.” So, the two of them waded out across the water.

When they were about halfway across, the older man suddenly grabbed the younger and very quickly took him down under the water and held him there.

And, he held him..

And just when it seemed the young man could no longer hold his breath, the older one snatched him up and looked at him intently.

It was then that he said to the younger, “Son, when you want to know God as bad as you wanted to breathe just then, you’ll find Him. And why? Because the scriptures declare that it is those who hunger and thirst after the things of God that shall be filled. You see, Salvation is Free, but a relationship with Jesus Christ will cost you everything you have.”


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