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Jun 21 2007

In the Midnight Hour

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Now that we have time to ponder the hurt we feel inside
Let us take shelter in His arms for there we can always hide 

As He prayed and asked his Father so the cup might pass
So do we go to Him and with all our burdens ask 

Father, Father please hear our desperate plea
Please don’t be slow to act or slow to see 

Don’t you know? Can’t you feel all our hurt and pain?
How long have we prayed and to what profit or gain? 

Be still my child and listen to what I have to say
I have overcome the night as well as the day 

The midnight hour is dark, that much is true
But it is under my authority and so are you 

So give thanks to the Lord in your time of anguish
I will accomplish my plans and you will not perish 

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised
Worship Him in truth and He will bless all your days!

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