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Mar 02 2007

The Dancers

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I’ve seen them dance so skillfully
None better can be found
They dance through scriptures gracefully
But some they dance around
They see a verse they’d like to curse
But they’re too refined for that
Instead they scramble for the Greek
To plan their big attack
“This verse does not mean what it says”
They tell their flock of sheep
Then dance and jump and spin
And try to kill it with the Greek
They’ve learned their dance and learned it well
To help the blind to see
They’ve practiced it for many years
They have a P.H.D.
This dance is very popular
They’ve won such great respect 
And those who used to disagree
Are starting to defect
But God is still not mocked my friends
We still reap what we sew
And God is rising to defend
That sacred text we know
The dancers can not stand against
What God’s about to do
The days of their deceiving
God’s elect are nearly through
For God is calling forth
A band of men throughout the Earth
And crushing Satan’s lies
The very purpose of their birth
These men will speak with power
Like men from days of old
They love the truth more than their lives
Their countenance is bold
The dancers soon will fade away
They’ve missed their only chance
To teach God’s flock His Holy Word
And not a foolish dance!

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