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Feb 13 2007

The Rulebook

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Let us consider the game of life and the Rulebook we have to live by.
Examine carefully how it is played for the stakes are very high.

Life and death hang in the balance, eternity is close at hand.
Time keeps slipping away from us like tiny grains of sand.

Now this Rulebook is very strange so let me show you the key.
Because trying to follow the rules will have you drowning in a sea.

No man can keep its laws or fulfill all of its demands.
Only One has ever done it and He is our helping hand.

It is by faith in Him that all the rules and laws are kept.
Trying to win by any other way will find you being left.

This Rulebook is very different so please let me explain.
Its entire objective is to prove that you can not win the game.

Many have tried and many have failed and much to their surprise,
The result of all their labor was only their demise.

It is only by trusting in the Son that all of the requirements are met,
For Christ has paid our penalty and to Him we owe our debt.

So be careful of those that come to you claiming another way.
Give your ear to the Lord and hear what He has to say.

“I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

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